The Different Kinds Of Lawyers And What They Do

When people think of lawyers, they often think of judges, prosecutors, and the like – in other words, people who are involved in the legal system. But there are many different kinds of lawyers out there! There are personal injury lawyers, real estate lawyers, employment lawyers, criminal defense attorneys, and much more. Read on to learn about each type of lawyer and what they do.

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense lawyer is a type of lawyer who represents individuals charged with a crime. A criminal defense attorney will help his or her client in every step of the judicial process, from their initial arrest through prosecution and sentencing if necessary.

The goals of these attorneys are to protect their clients’ rights and help them avoid conviction, so they do everything they can to ensure that their clients have adequate representation in court. Criminal lawyers can even find loopholes and determine ways around punishment that a less experienced lawyer might not see.

Family Law

We’ve all seen lawyers arguing in courtrooms on television. That’s family law at work, and it encompasses a very wide range of legal services, from divorce to guardianship.

But you can also expect each family lawyer to be an expert in protecting children, handling marital property disputes, and keeping you abreast of new legal issues concerning your familial relationship.

Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer specializes in representing clients who have been injured by another party’s negligence. These lawyers handle cases like slip-and-fall accidents, auto accidents, and medical malpractice. They also represent people who have been denied workers’ compensation, as well as those fighting discrimination cases.

Employment Law

Criminal Law
The branch of law that governs crime. Generally, it is a violation of the statute and involves some form of prosecution. Criminal Law attorneys do everything from defending people accused of crimes to prosecuting criminals in front of a judge or jury.

Estate Planning & Probate

There’s a special kind of lawyer for everything, and probate and estate law is one such specialty. Probate is when someone has died, and their will must be carried out—this includes paying off debts or taxes owed, distributing assets to beneficiaries, etc.

Real Estate Law
a lawyer who practices real estate law is a specialist in transactions related to buying and selling property, including purchase agreements, mortgages, rent collection, and land management.

These lawyers generally focus on a specific area of real estate law, like zoning or bankruptcy. However, it’s common for a real estate lawyer to handle many different aspects of any given deal simultaneously.